Protrans WRB Bridge

Protrans WRB Bridge has been contracted by the Provincial Government to operate and maintain the W.R Bennett Bridge, the bridge which spans Okanagan Lake and connects Kelowna and the Westside.

Protrans WRB Bridge employs 9 employees in operations, maintenance and administrative functions.

Protrans WRB Bridge is owned by SNC Lavalin Inc., a leading international Canadian company involved in the design, construction and operation of major infrastructure facilities in dozens of countries around the world.

Fun Bridge Facts

Did You Know?

  • The highest point on the bridge is 21 metres
  • It took approximately 1,000,000 man hours to build the bridge
  • There is approximately 2,500 tonnes of Structural Steel used on the bridge
  • There are approximately 6,000 tonnes of Reinforcement Steel used on the bridge
  • There are approximately 50,000 cubic metres of concrete on the bridge
  • There are currently only 12 existing floating bridges in the world, including the new WRB Bridge
  • The bridge is almost 1063 metres long