Environmental Protection

Brun-Way Group is highly conscious of its environmental responsibilities and has appointed an experienced environmental manager to lead this aspect of the project. 

Brun-Way's Environmental Management System is designed to address all identifiable environmental aspects and requirements. Minimizing and mitigating any negative impact is a priority. The system incorporates on-site monitoring, with a site environmental officer as part of the management team. The aim is to achieve consistent, state-of-the art environmental construction site management with a focus on prevention.

Brun-Way Group's team members are committed to:

  • Meeting the environmental principles required in our activities
  • Continuously improving in our environmental work performance
  • Advocating socially responsible environmental values and measures
  • Implementing efficient use of resources through conservation and development
  • Using alterative energy sources
  • Recognizing the relationship of health and environment with respect to our construction/maintenance activities
  • Using the best construction techniques available to protect the health of our employees and the community.